Opening the high-tech future.

Creating new Values

A company that provides the customers with the best quality and service for total satisfaction.

We'll be your partner with the best of dreams and the future.

SMEC will lead the way, to open the high-tech future.

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What makes us GREAT

SMEC, the wholesome business creating new values!

  • People

    Critical to any knowledge management philosophy - also a core foundation of our model - Intellectual Capital.

  • Processes

    Streamline your business route map by creating waypoints on your path to greatness.

  • Technology

    Great data means great information means great decision making abilities. Make tech work for you.

  • Leadership

    Great leadership navigates turbulent business environments and directs people, technology, systems and processes.

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Samsung Electronics
SMEC Projects Africa
Machine Tools
SMT Heavy Industries
Engineering Tools & Equipment
SMT Engineering
SMEC Projects Africa
Learning Solutions
SMEC Projects Africa
Digital Development
Jicama Digital Partners
Business Consulting
SMEC Projects Africa
Enterprise development
SMEC Projects Africa
Mobile Payment Solutions
SMEC Projects Africa
Medical Equipment
SMEC Projects Africa
Samsung Green Technologies
SMEC Projects Africa
Business Analytics
SMEC Projects Africa

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